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Envelope Fundraiser

envelope fundraiser

Envelope Challenge: 400 Ways to show your Lion Pride!!

Hello NCA Family, 

We are thankful for the favor God has shown Nazarene Christian Academy this year!  NCA has an outstanding student body, supportive families, great teachers and staff, and has been blessed in many ways by our community.  

  “The godly approach of teaching that their school does is so awesome! The last 30 minutes of prayer requests, prayer time, and then Bible teaching is just so fantastic! Just another reminder of why we have our kids in NCA! I was quickly reminded by the Lord that we are doing the right thing and our boys are at the right place! Thankful for an awesome God, the school, the amazing teachers and staff that God has placed here”. – Parent Testimonial

We do have awesome things in place but our vision is to implement many more academic opportunities, extra curricular programs, more advanced technology, upgraded sporting fields and equipment, and much more at NCA to further our tradition of excellence.  

In order to do that we need to raise money and we have found a unique and fun way to do just that, it's called The Envelope Challenge

During this online campaign, we challenge YOU to claim envelopes ranging from $1 to  $400.  There is ONE envelope for each dollar amount.  For example, if you select Envelope #1 you will donate $1.   If you select envelope #20 you would donate $20 and so on…If all 400  envelopes are claimed, we will raise over $80,200!

The generous support of our school family, grandparents, and friends allows NCA to fund many wonderful projects outside general tuition dollars. What better way to show your Lion Pride than to participate in this fun challenge!

Our Envelope Challenge kicks off today and will wrap up on February 14th.

Select your envelope(s) here

Please help us spread the word by visiting our Facebook and Instagram page and sharing our post, tagging friends and personally challenging everyone to join the cause!

Thank you for your support!


Angie Valdez-Adams


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