A Letter from Principal Adams

Dear Parents, 

Re-enrollment begins tomorrow, February 1 for all current students.  There is a special $100 discount on enrollment fees for all current students who re-enroll during the month of February.

This academic year has been very successful and to move ever forward, we are already planning and organizing for the next one. We are so grateful to be closing the book on another great year at Nazarene Christian Academy, and we are equally grateful to you and your families for being a part of it. This year our NCA Family has expanded, along with our facilities, and our staff. We are so excited about the direction of the school in the coming days, months, and years.

As NCA grows into this new phase, we look forward to expanding our reach in the community, growing our brand into one that is easily recognizable, and leaving our imprint on the area. We believe that we are no longer the best kept secret of Johnson and Tarrant Counties. Rather, we are a high level academic institution whose influence fits into the landscape of Tarrant and Johnson counties here and now. Our prayer is that our growth will center around ministry in the name of Jesus.

While we are a school for higher-education, our first mission has always been creating Christ-centered believers for the work of the Kingdom. We hope that you as parents will join us in this mission, and pray alongside us for greater things in his name. For we know that when like-minded believers come into agreement, God also is there.

To help you and your family prepare for the upcoming school year, please find our 2022-2023 tuition schedule here. There are a couple of changes in how tuition will be paid. Please contact the Business Office if you have any questions after reading the new schedule.

We are so excited to share with you that this year we will be including all regular fees (class, textbook, technology, and material) and field trips in with the tuition. In addition, students will have Free Friday Spirit Dress Days. Since this is the first year rolling out the new tuition plan, as a token of our appreciation, we will also provide every student with a free t-shirt with the 2022-2023 NCA School Theme.

While addressing rising costs for salaries and benefits for our faculty and staff and other rises in fixed expenses, we strive to keep increases to a minimum through diligent financial stewardship and control of expenses. We will continue to work vigorously to provide you and your student with the exceptional education you expect and deserve for your investment at Nazarene Christian Academy.  

It is our goal to ensure no child is denied a Christian school education due to financial constraints.  We encourage you to speak with the administration about payment options available to you. Also, one of the best ways to help our school is to REFER a FAMILY.  If you refer a family and they stay for three months, you will receive a $500 tuition credit toward your tuition statement.  

We thank you for your commitment to Christian education, specifically Nazarene Christian Academy, and we realize that tuition costs require substantial sacrifice. Our commitment to you is to provide the education and environment where your children can grow to their full potential and graduate knowing that God truly loves them. 

AdamsSincerely yours in Christ,

Angie Valdez-Adams, M.Ed.


Nazarene Christian Academy serves those

Grades K-12