Fine Arts

NCA offers percussion class for all 5th and 6th graders. Percussion is offered to all secondary students as an elective. Students participating will perform at various school and community functions, festivals, and competitions.

Participant requirements are as follows:


  • Home Varsity football games (September & October)
  • Present 7th/8th period (not releasing early for doctor appointments, etc.)
  • Available Saturdays from February to April for rehearsals and contests
  • Positive attitude every day with a desire to work hard to achieve excellence

Middle School

  • Saturday rehearsals from January through March
  • Students need to be available Saturdays February through March


Secondary choir is offered for all Jr/Sr High students. The class is used to meet their Fine Arts requirements and is treated as an elective.


There will be an art fee due at the beginning of the semester. This money will go toward the basic art needs of the Art Department. Students will also be responsible for purchasing various art supplies depending on the level of the art class.
Secondary fee – $20 per year


Elective Classes
Nazarene Christian Academy makes every effort to offer a variety of elective classes. Be sure to check with your Academic Advisor for electives offered at this time. Example of electives offered when enough students show an interest: Speech, Consumer Financial Management, Leadership, Computers, etc.

P.E. Class is required. Every elementary student will participate unless parent sends a note to sit out one day. After that a doctor’s note will be required in order not to participate in PE class.

Students in 7th and 8th grade will participate in Percussion or PE. Student athletes in PE class are given a study hall on days a team has practices or games.

Students in 9th-12th grade must participate in PE/Athletics class for a minimum of one year in order to meet graduation requirements.  Students participating in drumline can earn the required PE credit and be exempted from PE class. Every effort is made to schedule this during the freshmen year. Student athletes in PE class are given a study hall on days a team has practices or games.


Nazarene Christian Academy serves those

Grades K-12