NCA offers three lunch sizes:
Cub Size – $3.00   |    Regular Size – $4.00    |    Lion Size – $5.00

Lunch cards are sold by the week, month, or more at a time.  We do not offer the option of single/daily purchases of lunches. 

Lunch cards can be purchased from the NCA Business Office. Please indicate what size(s) you are purchasing when making payment.

We will contact you via email when your student(s) has a few lunches remaining. All lunches are to be prepaid and no charges are allowed.

Note – If you have multiple students and one is out of lunches, a lunch from a sibling may be used until additional lunches are purchased. If your student(s) gets down to zero lunches remaining, they will go to the Business Office to contact you.

Cash, check and debit/credit cards are accepted
   *3% fee for each debit/credit card transaction

A snack card is available in addition to lunch cards. These cards are sold separately from lunch cards and can be purchased from the NCA Business Office. They are for side items such as french fries, bread sticks, desserts and some single entrees.

Items will be sold for $2.00 each. There is a minimum purchase of $10.00 for these cards. This will put five snacks at a time on your card. Students cannot take lunches from their lunch card to buy snacks.



November Lunch Menu HERE



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