Student Drivers


These TWO forms must be read, signed, and turned into the school office before student driver permitted:
Policy  |  Student Driver Form

The following guidelines are listed for those students who wish to drive a motor vehicle to school or to school functions:

  1. Students driving to school are not permitted to stay in their vehicles after they arrive on campus.
  2. Upon arriving on campus students are not permitted to leave again until the end of their school day.
  3. Students will not leave campus in their vehicles at any time during the day without permission. (Medical or dental appointments should be scheduled at the beginning or end of the day if possible.)
  4. Students are not permitted to drive vehicles to the athletic fields during school hours.



  1. Students may park only in designated numbered parking space. If their numbered space is occupied park in an unnumbered space and inform the school office. Observe all signs.
  2. Vehicles parked in non-designated areas, parked illegally, or on campus without a permit will be subject to a $5.00 parking fine. Parking lots will be checked.
  3. Remember, NCA has a closed campus policy. Once you leave your vehicle you may not return until the end of the school day. Athletes should leave their cars parked in their assigned parking space.


  1. With elementary students around on all areas of the campus, it is important to enforce a strict 10 MPH campus speed limit be observed at all times. No "peeling out" or reckless driving will be tolerated.
  2. Violations of speed limit or reckless driving rules will be assessed $10.00 for first violation, $25.00 for second (and a 2-week suspension of driving privileges) and $50.00 for third (and suspension of driving privilege for the remainder of the year).
  3. These regulations are in effect at all hours of the day.


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