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Purpose & Goal of Service Ministry

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Our desire at Nazarene Christian Academy is to help develop our students into servant leaders. We want our students to be people of integrity- students putting their faith into action and making a difference in the lives of others. Our students will accomplish this by making sacrifices of time and energy and by putting the needs of others ahead of their own. We know that life principles solidify character and will develop servant leaders.

Jesus set an example for us as that of a servant. He said himself that “the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.”

The purpose of Service Ministry at NCA is to encourage our students to look beyond themselves to the world around them; to realize felt needs and offer help, hope and encouragement to those less fortunate. We believe that leadership skills will be developed through giving and serving in areas where our students can make a difference.

Forty hours of service ministry involvement will be required for graduation. In order to gain continuity, we encourage that half of the hours served come from the same site/organization.



General Information

  • All places of service, even those listed here or any listed on a NCA handout, must be preapproved by NCA’s Service Ministry Coordinator or school administration. Credit may not be given for work done without prior approval.
  • Service ministry hours are defined as volunteer work that is completed without compensation.  An authorization form must be turned in when a service project is completed. It is important that credit forms be turned in within 30 days of service participation.
  • We encourage our students to perform at least 10 hours of service each year rather than wait and try to accumulate a large number of hours at the end of their junior or senior year of high school.
  • Volunteer work must be done at the site of the non-profit organization being served or at a designated location assigned by the organization. You cannot acquire hours by buying cans for the food bank. Also, hours worked for another club or group (Scouts, NJHS/NHS, etc) cannot be counted.
  • Service hours performed at your church will only be accepted if the ministry is one of outreach (VBS, youth mission trip, nursing home ministry, shelter, etc.) No hours will be accepted for cleaning the bathrooms, working in the office, filing, stuffing envelopes, etc.
  • Youth mission trips or camp counseling activities will have a maximum of 40 hours per week that will count.
  • If you participate in a run or walk benefiting a non-profit organization, one hour of service ministry can be counted. However, if you help facilitate the event, the total number of hours you work can be counted as credit.
  • Work for service ministry hours must be performed after school, on weekends or during the summer.
  • Service hours may not be transferred from a former school. New high school students who transfer to NCA will be required to serve 10 hours for each year they attend NCA.
  • Notice: Prior approval for service is required to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure that service hours will be credited toward his/her NCA graduation requirements.

Your cooperation to the above guidelines is appreciated.


Suggested Opportunities

  • Crowley’s House of Hope 817-297-6400
  • Any of the local hospitals / hospice centers
  • Harvest House in Burleson 817-295-6252
  • Home Mission Churches
  • Union Gospel Mission, Fort Worth contact
  • Meals on Wheels (Summer delivery) both Tarrant & Johnson counties have programs
  • Big Brother/Big Sisters of Fort Worth 817-877-4277
  • Assisted living centers or nursing homes
  • Boys & Girls Club of Fort Worth contact
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Wings of Hope Equine Therapy Contact: Allison Griggs, Volunteer Coordinator |
  • Salvation Army Mabee Center



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